It's Your Wedding Day

Imagine it’s your Wedding day! It’s all you’ve talked about and dreamed of for the last few months. You’ve chosen a beautiful, remote venue for your most special day, and even better, you and your guests have the place to yourselves, creating memories you’ll never forget.

As you head down to the ceremony at the stunning lakeside location, everything is perfect. Your guests are already having fun, enjoying the amazing views, and sipping on award-winning wines. You’re so happy you found Smallwater Estate, as they’ve provided a stress-free solution to all of your wedding plans.

That’s what you’ll get when you plan your wedding with John, Sarah and the team at Smallwater Estate.

With over 20 years of organising and photographing weddings, Sarah says that Smallwater Estate is “a photographer’s dream.” The rustic, remote getaway just 40 minutes from Bunbury, has an array of wonderful locations for your photographs. Sarah’s event planning skills ensure that everything runs smoothly; with a variety of wedding packages that do all the hard work for you. Your venue, venue styling, catering, celebrant, floristry, wedding cake and photography can all be put together for you, with well-known South-West companies, who have worked together for many years, and know and love the region. You can literally get the Smallwater team to organise everything, if you want….it’s all up to you!

Sarah says, “the best thing about holding your wedding at Smallwater Estate, is that you get the place to yourself. Your guests can camp on the property overnight, free of charge, and you can choose options like ‘Glamping’ to really make it special. The hill-top deck, overlooking the breathtaking view of the valley down to the lake, is the perfect spot for your reception, and the team at Smallwater always go the extra mile to make your day special.”

People say organising a wedding is one of the most stressful times of your life, but if you let the experts guide you, not only your wedding day, but even the months leading up to it, can be filled with wonderful memories.

So why not pay us a visit? Give Sarah or John a call and organise a time to see just how unique your wedding day can be when you hold it at Smallwater Estate Winery.