Geographe Wine Region

Geographe Wine Region

The Geographe Wine Region takes its name from Geographe Bay which in turn is named after 'Le Geographe', a French ship which was a part of a scientific and geographic expedition in the early 19th Century.

Just 2 hours south of Perth, the Geographe Wine Region is one of Western Australia's most exciting wine growing areas. The climate is influenced by the warm waters of the Indian Ocean and the Darling Range which runs parallel to the coast and is dissected by a number of river valleys. This topography gives rise to a considerable number of soil types and micro-climates; hence the region enjoys quite a variation in terroir.

This near-perfect Mediterranean climate is ideally suited to growing quality grapes. Add to that, an abundance of pure, fresh water and long sunny days and it is no surprise to find that Smallwater Estate produces local, national and internationally acclaimed award winning red and white wines that are characteristic of the area.

Geographe Wine Show 2019 - Wine of the Show

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